JDeveloper 11 & SOA / BPEL

Today, I downloaded JDeveloper 11 production version, the brand new version of the Oracle IDE.

First look, that's not bad : quite sexy indeed.

Okay, let's leave that look 'n' feel matter and back to business ! Let's design a sample BPEL process ...

After 5 minutes of furious clicks (yes, I'm more used to Eclipse / Workshop 10), I checked whether I had forgotten a naughty option but no ...

I couldn't definitely find how to create a "SOA Project".


Thanks to Google (definitely my friend), I found that link :



Heidi Buelow, our SOA Suite Product Manager (if I'm not mistaken) says that the current production release does NOT support BPEL.

To be able to work with it, you will have to download the JDeveloper SOA TP4 !


Okay, let's get it !

I don't know why but I tried 4 times to download the file from OTN (with a simple browser) and each time, my download stopped at about 90%.

I used a download tool (GetRight) and now JDev 11G SOA TechPreview 4 is mine.


But no, still doesn't work ! I could recently check on Metalink (Oracle Support) what was to be done to activate the SOA sugar.

Go in the directory JDEV_HOME \ jdev \ bin  and edit the file "jdev.conf".

Comment the line starting with "AddVMOption -Dide.noextension=oracle.bam [...]" by adding a # in front of it.


And that's it : you will be able to do some BPEL with your favorite 11g IDE.


Edit : Now, the brand new version is out, you still may encounter a problem to use the "SOA Tier".

After installing Jdev (11g), go in the menu "Help > Check for Updates" and you should see "Oracle SOA Composite Editor".





After the install, simply restart and you're done.


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