[Book Review] BPEL for Web Services 2nd Edition


Lately (thanks to the fact we've been absorbed by Oracle), I've been quite interested in BPEL and especially in Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

I ran into some tutorials, easily findable on OTN and that gave me the will to go further.

Unfortunately, since I'm still a BEA consultant, I'm not working with this product

and therefore, I can't play with it in my everyday life (and I don't think my clients would appreciate :D)


I then decided to get a book covering the subject, but which one ?

As usually, I looked at Packt Publishing, who's covering (generally well) that kind of topic.

Bingo ! I found that book "Business Process Execution Language" for Web Services - 2nd Edition" which matches at 100% my need !

Actually, I got this one, which is the french version :)


I particularly appreciated the book "Service Oriented Architecture with Java" but this one is awesome.

It goes with a general presentation on how BPEL links with SOA. Then, the webservice stack is detailed (WSSE, WS-Coordination ...)

And after that appetizer, we dive into BPEL, and its implementation in OPM (Oracle BPEL Process Manager).

That's was really agreable to read, I wouldn't say it's like a roman, but ...

Next chapter, Advanced BPEL : we see some more elaborate process.

Well, I could go on but go take a look at the full TOC and you'll see what I'm talking about.

A special note for the chapter 6, which deals with proprietary behaviors from OPM and WSIF (which personnally reminds me a bit of an EAI ...)


You may get a taste of it by reading this sample chapter.


As you may have understood, this book is excellent for who wants to work with BPEL and OPM.

(the last chapter deals with Microsoft BizTalk, but I didn't read it !)


Strongly recommended !!!


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