SOA Suite 11g : first quick look

Working @ Oracle, it gives me some interesting advantages, like the ability to play with the 11th version of

the Oracle SOA Suite, before its release to the market.

Here's a little summary of what I've had the chance to play with.

But, be aware that what I'm exposing right here is NOT representating the final version.

It's only a beta but as far as I can tell, our guys have done a good job !


What's new ?

Well, of course OC4J is gone and WebLogic Server has replaced it.

Now, we've got a new WLS template, reflecting the SOA Suite products :




The installer has been updated (Xtreme Makeover :p) :




And some webpages have been changed as well :








I'm quite a fan of that new graphical aspect.

I unfortunately didn't have enough time to play more with it, so stay tuned for the next episode :)


However, what I think could be improved :


=> JDeveloper 11g still needs another WLS install to be able to launch (ideally, I would have expected a automated

installation with all the products and only one WLS install, but I'm sure it's on the list)

=> Enterprise Manager wasn't happy since the French resource bundle was missing. I would have prefered the English

one to be loaded by default if not found.

=> For now, loading times (when server starts up) are quite long.

=> I used to use my own JVM memory arguments by using the USER_MEM_ARGS variable. Now, it's impossible because,

it's already used as an internal variable. I would have liked another variable like SOA_MEM_ARGS and the possibility

to still have the USER_MEM_ARGS var overriding the other values.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

Sorry, but I have a slightly off-the-subject question. What on earth is 'Oracle Weblogic Server 11g'?

As far as I know the latest release is 10gR3? Am I wrong?
I can't see 11g available for download/documentation anywhere in Oracle website.

If it is still in beta/alpha,
But I can see training courses on Weblogic Server 11g on OU site!!!!

Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials (BEA)

Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration (BEA)

If it is still in beta/alpha, how come OU has courses on it?

Also, is it going to be Java EE 5 compliant or Java EE 6?

Thanks in advance

Bala Kothandaraman said...

Oracle WebLogic Server 11g = WLS 10.3.1 which is the next version to 10gR3. Oracle WebLogic Server 11g is not generally available yet for the public. But internally OU built the course on the to be GA release of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g. Things might change between now and GA but it might not be major and so the courses were almost built and ready to be delivered in July. Oracle WebLogic Server 11g is JEE 6 complaint.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bala for your input.

Maxence Button said...

Thanks Bala from helping him out !

I can add that the next version of WLS is likely to undergo a major change in order to stick to the way OC4J domains were designed.
That is to say that a WLS instance could be possibly part of several domains.
(hope it won't happen, but ...)