[Book Review] Apache JMeter

As always, I'm reviewing a book from the rising publisher "Packt Publishing".

First thing I thought when holding the book is : "Wow, it's slim" :)

I previously worked with JMeter in 2003 and I appreciated the power of that excellent tool. I also used OpenSTA which is different.

I didn't work enough time with it to be able to compare them.
Yet, just on a feeling level, I was more convinced by JMeter.

Thus, it's with excitement that I read the first pages.

The first chapters were all about the basics : very useful for beginners or people who don't know what JMeter looks like.

It's really a must-read if you're new to JMeter. Else, it's a good refresh about the way you design and configure your test plans, etc.

It provides the useful information to know and I especially appreciated the last chapter (advanced configuration) in which you learn about FTP among other functionalities.

Recommended for everyone who need to rapidly understand and use this tremendous tool.



You may find a sample chapter here : http://www.packtpub.com/article/functional-testing-with-jmeter


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