WebLogic 10.3 has been released ! What's new ?

As stated in the official documentation (which can be found at http://edocs.bea.com/wls/docs103/index.html, I decided to make a quick summary of what's hot in WLS 10.3.

JDK 1.6

[EDIT] : This version is compatible with 1.5 clients but only runs with a JDK 1.6 and not JDK 1.5 (as it was supposed to, before it was released)

On top of that, some interesting stuff has been shipped within :

* Thread synchronization improvements thus delivering increased scaling in the number of concurrent users supported and more reliable/stable code.

* Web container supports multiple scripting languages such as PHP, Groovy, and Ruby: Refer to http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=223.

* Allows hotswap of classes (without bouncing the class loaders in development mode) assuming that the class profile (new methods, method names) have not changed

(only code in the method changed).

The benefit is that it reduces redeployment effort (for iterative development, redeployment and restart).

* Clients for for this release require JDK5 or later for client JVMs and a server JVM on JDK6.

WLS apps built using the development tools (eclipse, intelliJ, Workshop etc.) running in a separate JVM (such as JDK5) should work with this release.

* Compiler support. In this release, the JSP compiler uses the Java Compiler API instead of Javelin

(the JSP compiler will no longer depend on Javelin framework java class bytecode generation feature) to generate byte code.

This replacement does not expose any new public features and should not impact JSP files in existing applications.

The rationale was to deliver a highly performing and reliable JSP compiler. See [JSP199], Java compiler API http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=199.


On-Demand Deployment

It allows you to choose which of the following applications have to be deployed or not.

  • User interfaces: This group includes the console, UDDI explorer, and WLS test client.
  • All others: UDDI, Web Service async response, deployment service servlet, and management file distribution/Bootstrap servlet.

For instance, while accessing the administration console, the first time :


The inflight compilation is activated by default for development domains but it is not the case for production domains.



WebLogic used to ship a mechanism to be notified of class changes.

It was embodied in a ChangeAwareClassLoader but the main con was that is reloaded the ENTIRE classloader.

Now, with FastSwap, Java classes are redefined in-place without reloading the ClassLoader thus having the huge advantage of fast turnaround times.

This means that developers do not have to sit and wait for an application to redeploy and then navigate back to wherever they were in the Web page flow.

They can make their changes, auto compile, and then see the effects immediately.

To enable FastSwap in your application, edit the weblogic-application.xml and add the following element.


FastSwap is only supported when the server is running in development mode. It is automatically disabled in production mode.
Only changes to class files in exploded directories are supported.

Modifications to class-files in archived applications as well as archived jars appearing in the application’s classpath are not supported.

Examples are as follows:

  • When a web application is deployed as an archived war within an ear, modifications to any of the classes are not picked up by the FastSwap agent.
  • Within an exploded web application, modifications to Java classes are only supported in the WEB-INF/classes directory;

HTML Compression

If you want to reduce network traffic, you may use an option which will act like the Java trim function (removal of all extra spaces).

Example :


Can be compressed as:



Got to see whether the source code is always displayed in a well-formatted manner.


Lightweight Server Runtime (based on mSA or µService Architecture itself based on OSGi)

Now you've got the choice to start your server in two configuration : WLS and WLX.

You have to use the java option -DserverType=“wlx” or -DserverType=“wls” to choose your prefered mode.

The main difference is in the number of µServices that are launched during startup.

  • WLS : EJB, JMS, Connector, Clustering, Deployment, Management, and Diagnostics
  • WLX : The µServices EJB, JMS & JCA are NOT loaded.


New Administration Console

Some improvments from a WLP point of view :

  • # Use of Portal tree optimization
  • # Use of new Portal look and feel structure
  • # Multi-threaded backing files
  • # Better sharing of string resource property files

Else some enhancements :

Security Configuration : WebLogic Server now supports the use of SAML2 security providers.

The Console has been updated to provide new pages for SAML2 identity asserters and credential mappers, and new server-specific security configuration pages.
New pages are also included to configure the new file based and RDBMS security store features of WebLogic Server.
All pages which include an encrypted password field now also include confirmation fields for those passwords.
Console pages which export security configuration information to external files now check for the existence of those files before overwriting.
Credential mappings may now be edited from within the console.

Server Control : the Servers link on the home page and domain navigation tree now link to two different server tables,

the previous Configuration perspective page and a new Control perspective page.

The Control page supports starting and stopping any server in a domain, and functions very similarly to the existing Control:Servers page for a domain.

Migration : WebLogic Server now supports additional capabilities for automatically migrating failed servers and services from one server to another.

The console pages for configuring MigratableTargets have been updated to reflect those changes.

WebServices : new Console pages have been developed to support the configuration of Reliable Messaging settings for WebServices.

SCA Deployments : the Administration Console now supports the deployment and control of SCA deployments.

Spring Applications : the Administration Console now includes the ability to inspect and interact with Spring Applications.

This feature has been packaged as a console extension named “spring-console-extension.jar” located in the $WL_HOME/server/lib/console-ext directory.

This console extension is not automatically deployed by default, but may be included by copying this archive into the $WL_HOME/server/lib/console-ext/autodeploy directory.


Server Control :



lava said...

ok but How to use HTML Compression in Weblogic 10?

lava said...

I am unable to find html compression facility anywhere.

Maxence Button said...

Well, in your weblogic.xml, you just have to add the following section :

</weblogic-web-app >

chandu said...

I have tried this


but there is no difference in the output it seems. Any idea why?


Anonymous said...

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தமிழ் said...

This release I think has a bug. I have re-compiled my jsps using appc (used new version or the same version of weblogic jar which the server uses), but when I start the server, it recompiles the pages again. This happens after another restart also.

Any hints??

தமிழ் said...

I have precompiled my jsps and deployed the war. All the pages are again compiled by the server when I access the pages. I used the same weblogic jar file for pre-compiling jsps.

any hints??