Navigating among the MBeans with WLST ... Unix-style !


Lots of clients have been asking : "why is it so complicated to navigate through the MBean trees ?"

By "complicated", they mean the use of functions instead of simple instructions.

Still unclear ? :)

Well, the most obvious example is :

  • Unix : cd .. / cd Servers
  • WLST : cd ('..') / cd ('Servers')

Seen on Bala's blog, a cool (and undocumented) function is available : easeSyntax()

Its name speaks for itself : this function aims at making the syntax easier.

It will allow you to type commands as you would do on Unix.

To quit using that simplified syntax, just type once again easeSyntax().


And you're done !


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Unknown said...

Is it available in all versions of WLST ?

Anonymous said...

easeSyntax() is available at least for WLS 9 and 10. I don't have a WLS 8 instance at the moment to doublecheck.

Anyway WLST is a great tool IMHO! I also got feedback from customers about the steep learning curve, so I decided to hand out a quick reference with some 10 commands that help will you in 90% of all tasks (especially if you use WLST only every now and then).
WLST quick reference

Also remember it is that easy now to simply record config changes with WLS 10 and create your own scripts.

Subodh Bakshi said...


We are using Apache 2.0 as Web Server and weblogic 9.2 as Application Sever. All the requests for our application are directed to Application Server via Web Server.

When we do load testing for our application ( say 300 users) then after some time i.e. 300 secs we get following error on Web Server: [Thu Mar 12 14:02:40 2009] [error] PROTOCOL_ERROR [line 842 of ../nsapi/URL.cpp]: Backend Server not responding

And on the application server we get error as : weblogic.rjvm.PeerGoneException: No message was received for: '240' seconds.

We assumed that it might be due to some performance tuning so we added self-tuning-thread-pool-size-min property to the config file and set its value to 200.But this also didn’t help.

We use cluster having 2 instances of Weblogic. (on different machines)

And we using default Work Manager (as we have not specified any work manager in the deployment descriptors nor we have mentioned in dispatch policy).

Could you please help us out with this…

Maxence Button said...

Hi Glass,

Have you already determined if your Apache was sized to handle such a load ?
As I wrote in a previous post, you can perform some tuning first :

Try this and then tell me if it changed something.