Upcoming Packt reviews

It’s been quite some time I’ve been woking with Packt Publishing. I started reviewing books in July 2008 and we are still in touch now.

In a few weeks, I am about to review two books which are strongly related to what I am working on right now : the migration from WLI to BPEL Process Manager. It’s quite a hard task since those two products have two different philosophies. But, last week, I had the chance to work with Simone Geib, Deepak d’Arora, Laurence Habdas & Eric Fischer about the steps to follow to migrate successfully from BEA era to Oracle : it was really interesting.

The two books are both been authored by guys from the same team.

Getting Started with Oracle BPM 11gR1

Authors : Heidi Buelow, Manoj Das, Manas Deb, Prasen Palvankar, Meera Srinivasan


Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 – A Hands-On Tutorial 

I intend to read carefully the parts dealing with BPMN and the BAM.

Although I’m more BPEL than BPMN, I guess it will be interesting to develop my knowledge on that topic.


Getting Started with Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 (PS2)

Authors : Demed L'Her, Heidi Buelow, Jayaram Kasi, Manas Deb, Prasen Palvankar


I started reading this one a few weeks (months ?) ago but I have not been able to finish it yet. Not that it was not interesting, but I only read some parts, that were useful for some of my tests.

However, I can already tell you that it has a great coverage of all the underlying components (BPEL, Mediator, Rules, Workflow …) but I was a bit disappointed by the depth of some parts, especially the one dealing with EDN.

But ok, I’ll say no more and keep some for the review.


Stay tuned ! :)